Welcome to the official website of Zhaoqing Gaoyao Jinyi Fiber Co., Ltd.
20years focused on chemical industry chain

High-quality supplier of nylon and spandex

Specialist in Chemical Fiber and Colored Yarn

Founded in 2001, the company integrates spinning, elasticity, dyeing and finishing. It has a professional production and R&D team and marketing service team. The products have a high reputation in China and are exported to Cambodian Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian countries.

Advanced equipment

The company has imported a complete set of German Barmag spinning production line and Italian RPR elastomer, matched with high efficiency and energy saving twister and dyeing machine, single spindle winch, on-line tension rewinding machine, active rewinding rewinding machine, etc.

High productivity and short delivery time

The company's annual production capacity can reach 7000 tons , and the product specifications can respond quickly according to customer needs. Excellent service team, good communication skills, to maximize customer demand for delivery.

Jin Yi culture

The company adheres to the concept of "touching customers", "employee happiness" and "repaying society", constantly innovating and forging ahead to create a century of benefits.

Dyeing and spinning in one, better quality

The company has textile factory and dyeing factory, optimizing the best chip supplier in China, fine management of all aspects of production, strict control of product quality, to ensure consistent product quality.

Perfect after-sales system

The company has strict quality control system and perfect after-sales service system. Customers have corresponding after-sales service and technical specialists, and offices in Dongguan and Hong Kong to communicate in time to meet customer needs.